Kites IT Solutions provides you with an exciting opportunity to be our business partners and that too with zero investment.

Benefits to Partners

Proven Business: Your easy-to-use product/service is already quite popular and enjoys public acceptance. You don’t need to push much: it is a major benefit.

IT (A way to go): The IT industry has many roots which are here to stay .IT can penetrate any sphere, any field and can prove to be immensely helpful. This makes IT a very potential field to venture into.

Simple Product: Our product is designed in such a way that even a layman can understand it easily: you don’t need any specialized knowledge. This makes even the Non-IT people such as telecom dealers, retailer’s etc eligible for selling/ buying it.

Single product: A single/simple product which contains all the services required to launch business awareness online.

Risk Free Business: Adding all the benefits, the business model of Kites IT is a risk free proposition for the Partners because IT is here to stay and the model nullifies risks such as damaged stock and pilferage.

Future: We are in the process of launching easy to use and off the shelf software and web products for various different industries, which will be the add-ons for the Channel Partners to promote in an already known market.

Stock & Pilferage: The distributors do not have to worry about space usage for stocking products as this is a virtual stock. Furthermore, the risk of pilferage is nullified on account if the virtual nature of the product.


1) Basic knowledge of internet and computers. Should understand basic terminologies such as what is website, domain, hosting etc.

2) Good Network and Passion with the right attitude

3) Goal Orinented

What we provide to our resellers

1) Earn up to 40 % commission

2) Excellent training and marketing support

3) Specialized package based on industry relevant to your network

4) Complete and satisfactory delivery to your end customer

5) Immediate payment

Roles and Responsibilities

The partners will only act as sales people. The entire backend process of executing the proposal will be done by Kites IT. "Kites IT" will provide all the necessary training and service material to the Partners. We will be your friend –in –need in this cut throat world of competition.

Kites IT Solutions will provide all the help and support to the Partners. Our helpline and customer support cell will be always ready to help you.

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